Oversea Hardware Company Inc.  
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Our Company

·         Established in 1947, it began trading in US Army Surplus Hardware.
·         In the 1950's, the Company started carrying Fasteners, Contractor Tools, Lifting Tools, and Water Proofing.
·         In the 1960's, the Company added Industrial/ Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings.
·         In the 1970's, the Company further added High-tensile GR.8 Bolts & Nuts for earth moving & off-road equipment.

·         In the 1980's, the Company also added Rock Drilling Equipment, Drill Rods & Bits, and Conveyor Belt Fasteners.

·         In the 1990's, the Company expanded to Gas Station Accessories.
·         In the 21st century, the Company further expanded to LPG Dispensers & accessories, Conveyor Chains and Process Pumps.
·         Currently, our Company represents a wide range of high quality and cost-effective product lines and continuously introduces product innovations in the market. 

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